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"Do independant and thorough research on Dr. Kissinger. Do not allow yourself to be spoon-fed by others."
-Timothy Sullivan, President of the College of Wililam and Mary, The Flat Hat (William and Mary's Official Student Newpaper) 12/7/2001

These links provide many different opinions of Henry Kissinger. Most of them negative. But then again, no one is rushing to sing his praises right now (except our BOV and administration.) Take time and learn the truth about Kissinger's record.

Great Information Sites, Start Here.
East Timor Action Network Good Site!! lots of Information on Kissinger's role supporting and lying about Genocide in East Timor.
KissingerWatch Fantastic resource! This is an international program working to collect and disseminate information on Kissinger's record. It is modeled after the successful Pinochet Watch, that brought down a Kissinger Associate.
NSA Chile All US Government documents! Nothing is more convincing than Kissinger's own record. These records reveal Kissinger's role in murder, and other crimes in Chile. They are being used as evidence in two cases pending against Kissinger in US court.
NSA East Timor Detailed record of K's involvement in War Crimes in East Timor, with all relevent documents as evidence.

Other Kissinger Sites, somewhat less informative or professional, but still good.
Third World Traveler, Kissinger page A great site, with good information, and many links. Start here.
Biography of Kissinger This is from the nobel prize site.
War Criminal? Amatuer page with a Kissinger rant, but lots of links at the bottom.
Kissinger and Pol Pot Information on K's role in Cambodian genocide. By Edward S. Herman, a professor at Penn.
Regarding Henry Panel discussion from Harper's magazine on how to prosecute K's war crimes.
War Criminal? Yes! Funny site, set up as a wanted poster, good links.

The Flat Hat William and Mary's student newspaper. Run a search on Kissinger to read articles and editorials that have been written about Kissinger. Letters to the editor can be submitted via e-mail, so let W&M know what you think.
Peace Link Add your name to an international group of people working to have Kissinger's 1973 Nobel Peace Prize revoked.